can’t execute code from a freed script

This is a placeholder for further information on a javascript problem I know I’m going to have to figure out in the near future.  Internet Explorers 6 and 7 (is there ever another browser that gives me problems?) throw the somewhat cryptic “can’t execute code from a freed script” when loading a page that I’ve recently added some ecma script to.  I’m just getting back into DOM scripting after a while away from messing with it, and am definitely rusty.  Still, my understanding of the error message is that it is roughly speaking a matter of scope of code, and that code loaded for one window or frame will have been freed from memory and will not be available when in other windows or frames.  This doesn’t seem to apply with the scripting I’m doing.  I’m dealing with only one window and no frames so I need to find more out about what the error really means.  If you know, please comment and let me know.  If you want to know, please watch this space for updates.  (If you leave a comment, you can receive notifications when new comments are added)

UPDATE:  FIXED!  About 10 minutes after posting this I found the bizarre (to me, maybe someone can explain it) solution for this problem.  It was as simple as moving any meta tags before the script tags in the head element of the html document.  <script><meta> = heartache <meta><script> = salvation.



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