Creating Custom Roles and Capabilities in Wordpress

So you want to add a custom Role to your WordPress site to add more flexibility when assigning users their role, what do you do? Simply add a role, with a few lines of code in your theme’s functions.php file, using WordPress’ add_role() function, as defined below.

add_role( $role_name, $display_name, $capabilities );

The example below adds a role of Video Manager with a custom cabability of ‘manage videos’.

add_role( 'video_manager, 'Video Manager', array( 'manage_videos' ) );

NOTE: Once you add this code to your functions.php file and view any page on your site to make the role addition, you can and should comment it out so that it doesn’t run on every page view.

Now, how do we use this new role with the new capability you ask? Simply use the WordPress current_user_can() function to check the user’s capability.

if ( current_user_can( 'manage_videos' ) ) {
// let them manage those videos!



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